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did anyone record Hobbitcon?


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    Sooooo buying that DVD when it comes out! (Yes, I was sneaking and read the reblogs of this, so now I’m saving it for...
  2. pumpkinapplemuffins answered: There will be a 6 hour double DVD of it, order it on My friend and I already preordered it and we are soooo excited!!
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  4. tihotap answered: some people managed to get something, but there will be ‘official’ video released
  5. asheryve answered: Fed Con will most likely release a DVD of it sooner or later *glances at her Ring Con DVD collection* Just wait ;)
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  7. flauschvieh answered: hehe just have a look~
  8. lokidtroika answered: Yes, it was not allowed, because they made pro-video and will sell it for 20€.
  9. ledamemangociana answered: They weren’t allowed to, unfortunately. The video of the Misty Mountains song was totally just them sneaking.
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